Kathy Griffin Threatens Civil War Over Midterms

Within the past weeks, there’s been growing attention directed towards division in America. Joe Biden is being widely blasted for this, due to his comments about “MAGA Republicans” and democracy.

Much of the criticism against Biden argues that he’s making these comments to distract from his own failures in office ahead of the midterms. The upcoming November races will have critical impacts on whether or not Congress continues to be a reinforcement of Biden’s agenda.

Democrats, for their part, are very much interested in winning the midterms and expanding their current majorities. This explains comments made by Kathy Griffin just earlier this week.

Civil War Coming to America?
On Tuesday, Griffin sent out a tweet stating that people should only vote for the GOP if they’d like civil war to break out in the nation. By contrast, Griffin said Americans who don’t want a civil war need to vote for Democrats.

Given Griffin’s past history with threats, notably her holding up a faux, bloody severed Trump head, many Americans had some choice words in response to her comments.

Critics warned that Griffin was inciting violence and needs to be held accountable as such. Others questioned why Twitter allows Griffin to remain on their platform amid her history of making threats.

The midterm elections are not looking good for Democrats. As it currently stands, countless Americans are tired of the raging crime, economic, and immigration crisis happening on Biden’s watch.

Republicans have warned that no matter how many speeches the president gives, he won’t be able to make the midterms about anything other than what Americans have endured on his watch.

Griffin Backtracks?
In the wake of massive backlash, Griffin is now claiming to add context to her tweet about the civil war. According to Griffin, what she really meant is not to threaten civil war, but to warn of civil war that will supposedly come from Republicans taking back Congress.

Furthermore, Griffin argues that voting for Democrats in the midterms is the only way to prevent civil war from breaking out.

Many Americans, however, aren’t buying it. Just as Griffin had no issues posing with a bloody, decapitated Trump head years ago, people believe she has no problem making threats to get the election outcome she wants.