Kari Lake Sounds Off Against County Election Problems

In Arizona, Republican Kari Lake has been working hard to become the next governor. Lake’s campaign thereby put her up against Democrat Katie Hobbs.

Throughout the Lake vs. Hobbs election, the latter refused to debate. Hobbs took a lot of heat for this, with even CNN and some Democrats admitting that she needed to get on a debate stage. Lake made it clear on numerous occasions that she would be willing to debate Hobbs anywhere and anytime.

Election Day rolled around on Tuesday without any debate happening. What did happen, however, was Maricopa County, Arizona running into problems with ballot tabulators.

This coincidentally happened in areas with a stronger Republican presence. Lake did not hesitate to weigh in on this issue and keep voters in the loop.

Lake on Maricopa County’s Broken Tabulators
In Arizona, Maricopa County carries significant weight. Yet on the start on Tuesday morning, poll workers admitted that tabulators either were not working at all or were only partially functioning.

Following these developments, Lake let Arizonans know they have a constitutional right to vote and should not get discouraged. The Arizona Republican also revealed that left-wing areas of Maricopa County were having fewer problems.

During a conversation with Steve Bannon, Lake then made her grievances known regarding the mismanagement of this election. Ripping the “clowns” who did not make sure the county’s tabulators were in good condition, Lake said Arizona will ultimately restore confidence in its elections.

Closing the Gap With Hobbs
Given that GOP areas in Maricopa County had issues with tabulators when votes did start pouring in, they initially favored Hobbs.

However, as time passes, Lake is significantly closing this gap. Taking to social media on Wednesday, the Arizona Republican pointed out that she and her supporters are going to have a major victory in this election.

In making this statement, Lake drew attention to drop-off ballots and votes on Election Day that are widely favoring her campaign over Hobbs.

As new developments emerge, Lake is tweeting out real-time updates, along with congratulating conservatives across the country who have won their races. Within the next few days, America will very likely know whether Lake or Hobbs becomes Arizona’s next governor.

If things continue on their current trajectory, Lake will likely be giving her victory speech soon enough.