Kari Lake is Launching Her ‘Ask Me Anything’ Tour

In Arizona, Republican Kari Lake is working hard to become the state’s next governor. Endorsed by former President Trump, Lake continues to prove that she’s willing to show up, do the work, and deliver for the people of Arizona.

The same cannot be said for Democrat Katie Hobbs. Hobbs is running against Lake for the Arizona governorship. Yet, she’s refusing to engage in debates against Lake.

According to Hobbs, Lake is too radical for her liking and she doesn’t believe she needs to debate the GOP candidate. This has been widely frowned upon. If anything, many people believe Hobbs’ views on Lake are all the more reason why the pair should debate and let the voters decide.

However, with Hobbs continuing to refuse to debate, Lake is going across Arizona as part of her Ask Me Anything Tour.

Transparency With Arizona’s Voters
On the first stop of Lake’s tour, she visited Phoenix. Then, for 45 minutes, the Arizona Republican sat with voters and answered various questions from them about all sorts of issues.

Lake is likewise promoting her Ask Me Anything Tour, inviting Arizonans of all political backgrounds to reach out to her. The Republican candidate said that whether someone is a super fan of hers or highly suspicious, she’s there to earn their votes and answer their questions.

While promoting her tour on social media, Lake also called out Hobbs for not delivering the same transparency to the people she wants to elect her. According to Lake, Hobbs is not only hiding from her and the press, but she’s also hiding from the people of Arizona.

Ultimately, Lake’s been clear that she won’t be hiding and will instead be an accessible and open candidate.

More on Lake’s Campaign
As Lake runs to be Arizona’s next governor, she’s also letting voters get an upfront look at her policies.

The Republican’s been clear that if she gets elected, preserving rural communities, maintaining border security, and fighting back against crime will be some of her top priorities.

Lake’s also been clear that she won’t stand for children in schools being indoctrinated with left-wing gender theory or other inappropriate, graphic content.

As the Arizona Republican proceeds with her Ask Me Anything Tour, she’ll continue to pick up press and let voters learn more about what she stands for. The opposite looks to be true for Lake’s Democratic opponent.