Kanye West Is Drawing Attention To US Manufacturing Needs

In real-time, China stands as one of the biggest competitors of the United States. Despite Joe Biden’s prior claims that America doesn’t have much to worry about when it comes to China, the opposite is very much true.

China has been hard at work purchasing American lands, infiltrating our nation’s schools, and otherwise outpacing us on the global stage. In order to push back against this, one important step will involve manufacturing products here in the United States, rather than in China.

This is an important issue that rap star Kanye West is now drawing attention to.

West on the Importance of American Manufacturing
Not too long ago, West had a lucrative business deal with Adidas through his clothing company Yeezy. However, this deal ended when West realized Adidas not only wasn’t upfront with him about development aspects, but also maintained manufacturing ties to China.

During an interview with CNBC, the rap star pointed out the importance of manufacturing here in the United States. According to West, his brand is prioritizing manufacturing in California, rather than in China like Adidas wanted to do.

Later, West described the United States as “the most inventive” nation with a history of creating Ford, Apple, and now Yeezy.

The rap star then mentioned that issues with developing pieces for his brand inspired his decision to sever business ties with Gap as well.

Putting America First
West’s remarks about the importance of manufacturing here in the United States couldn’t be more important.

Right now, there’s a push from the Democrat Party to get everyone hooked on driving electric vehicles. Meanwhile, China, not America, is the nation with the most access to the battery parts needed to manufacture these vehicles.

If more companies and brands decided to manufacture their products here in the United States, rather than in China or anywhere else overseas, it would make a huge difference.

After all, the Chinese Communist Party certainly isn’t going out of its way to do America any favors at its own expense.

More US manufacturing will create American jobs, opportunities, and prosperity. At a time when people in this country are suffering from layoffs and inflation, the least companies can do is adopt an attitude towards US manufacturing that mirrors the one Yeezy has.