Kamala Harris “Fails To Clean Up” Biden’s Statements About November Midterms

If you listen to the rhetoric coming from the Democrat Party, it is outright heresy for anyone to even think about questioning the security of US elections. Democrats have claimed any individual who dares to raise injuries about this is guilty of perpetrating “the big lie.”

Like most things to come from the political left, though, they’re not consistent at all. For instance, during Joe Biden’s press conference earlier this week, he was asked whether or not he believes the midterms in November will be legitimate and clean.

Biden responded by openly proclaiming that he can’t say for sure that the November congressional races will be fair. That’s not all, though. The 46th President also appeared to put a contingency plan on the integrity of the midterms.

According to Biden, whether or not the outcome of November’s midterms is legitimate or not will depend on if Democrats can pass election overhaul legislation.

The 46th President received bipartisan condemnation for making such comments. Vice President Kamala Harris tried to clean up what Biden said following this press conference. However, as RedState confirms, this attempt failed.

While speaking with the TODAY show on Thursday, the Vice President was questioned concerning Biden’s comments on the upcoming midterms.

Harris responded by stating that Biden’s been “consistent” in saying that America needs to pass two different bills to federalize our nation’s elections. Harris then repeated the lie that states run by Republicans are putting measures to keep people from voting.

However, today’s show pushed back against this, asking Harris once more if Biden believes the security of US elections depends on Democrats passing the aforementioned bills.

The Vice President, yet again, refused to respond directly. Instead, Harris claimed that it’s critical to avoid the mistakes of “conflating” various matters.

If Joe Biden thought Democrats would win the midterms, he’d be falling all over himself to claim November’s races will be fair. The only reason Biden openly cast doubt on the congressional midterms is that Republicans are highly slated to win these elections.

Since Biden’s remarks, he’s been getting panned by both sides for openly declaring that the upcoming races may not be legitimate or fair. It is especially not a good look for Biden since he read President Trump the riot act over the latter, raising concerns about the 2020 White House race.