Kamala: Abortion is a Fundamental American Right

Vice President Kamala Harris finally found an issue she can get out in front of with new-found vigor and determination. It’s abortion, which she declared to be a pillar of the foundation of the United States.

It certainly isn’t the border crisis, which she was tasked with at the start of the Biden administration. That assignment, given with much fanfare last year, vanished like the morning fog as the White House continued to find every excuse to raise a white flag and let everyone pour in.

Even a foray into being the administration point person for opposing election security failed. So, back to square one.

No, her mission is abortion.

In New Orleans just before Independence Day weekend, the vice president was interviewed as part of the ESSENCE Fest of Culture. The interviewer was Keke Palmer, the actress who voiced the “Lightyear” character Izzy Hawthorne.

Izzy shared the lesbian kiss in the woke Disney film that crashed and burned at the box office.

The U.S., Harris said, was founded “in the concept of freedom and liberty.” So far, so good. But she went further and put abortion as part of that set of founding principles.

She even made an indirect comparison between Roe’s reversal and slavery. Speaking to the gathering in New Orleans, Harris said the Supreme Court’s ruling was another example of the government “trying to claim ownership over human bodies.”

Continuing the White House’s theme of Roe being “on the ballot,” as Biden declared, Harris told CNN that the vote gives Americans “the final word.” Of course, democratic elections led to the Supreme Court’s recent decision as well, but democracy is “broken” when leftists do not get their way.

Following the unprecedented leak of the high court’s draft opinion on Roe, Harris virtually gathered what her office believes to be the first group of abortionists at the White House.

Harris, who is viewed by many on the left as the most viable option if Biden does not seek reelection, picked her hill to plant her flag on. The roster of pro-abortion Republicans is a short one, so Democrats are forced to rally already-decided voters to get out in November. That will be interesting.