Jordan Threatens To Declare Wray In Contempt Of Congress

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) minced no words Monday in a letter delivered to FBI Director Christopher Wray. He declared that the bureau had not complied with congressional subpoenas and cautioned the agency to act in coming days.

Also issued as a press release, the letter cited House Republicans’ concern over violations of First Amendment rights by the FBI.

Jordan warned that failure by the bureau to comply quickly with the investigation into the weaponization of federal agencies may result in being held in contempt of Congress.

The Republican referenced a pair of House Judiciary Committee subpoenas issued to the FBI. These sought evidence on the bureau’s targeting of parents protesting to school boards as well as traditional Catholics.

In the case of the school boards, Virginia parents were under surveillance after they expressed concerns over curriculums that included race-based education and systems allegedly hiding inappropriate conduct.

The initial subpoena into the FBI investigation of Virginia parents was issued on Feb. 3. When the March 1 deadline passed, the bureau had only turned over four documents.

The FBI was then instructed to provide documents on a rolling basis. This led to eight more being made available by March 8. Photographs of another 364 documents were subsequently given to House investigators.

The second subpoena regarded the FBI and Department of Justice probing “radical traditionalist” Catholics. Connections with “the far-right White nationalist movement” were alleged.

Jordan said the agency has barely responded. “To date, the FBI’s compliance with these subpoenas has been wholly inadequate and has materially impeded the Committee’s oversight efforts.”

The bureau redacted copies of documents it provided to House investigators, something it was specifically requested not to do.

The letter, dated July 17, charged the FBI was given several chances to comply and that outreach to officials extended over months. Despite attempts to work in good faith, Jordan said that a satisfactory response has not been received.

The chairman wrote that the FBI’s professed dedication to the First Amendment is not backed up by actions. This despite Wray testifying last week that the bureau does not “police” speech.

The FBI told Fox News Digital that it acknowledged the need for congressional oversight and “remains fully committed to cooperating” with the Committee’s requests “consistent with its constitutional and statutory responsibilities.”