John Cornyn is Again Under Fire From Conservatives

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) has been in the doghouse with conservatives lately.

The Texas congressman first dug a hole for himself after getting on board with the Senate gun control bill that enables red flag laws.

Cornyn’s standing among Republicans worsened when he waved aside concerns about this legislation from the National Rifle Association (NRA). Many people on the right frowned upon Cornyn calling the gun control bill “good policy” and saying the NRA’s opposition to it was only about business.

Now, the GOP lawmaker is back in the hot seat, this time over his support for giving illegal immigrants amnesty.

Another Bad Break For Cornyn

Days ago, Cornyn claimed he was joining forces with Democrats yet again, this time to ensure that illegal immigrants already in the country are granted amnesty. After Republicans began to get on Cornyn’s case about this, he claimed to be joking about the matter.

For many Americans across the country, amnesty is not a joke. Angel Moms — the mothers of children who lost their lives at the hands of illegal immigration — had a thing or two to say about the latest from the congressman.

According to Angel Moms, the current insanity at the southern border makes jokes about amnesty inappropriate. These mothers also pointed out how hard they’ve worked to ensure that victims of illegal immigrants are granted justice, even posthumously.

Additional comments from Angel Moms pointed out that Cornyn was playing with fire by flippantly suggesting that amnesty is coming. This sends a message to illegal immigrants that a free ride may be arriving soon, thus incentivizing even more unlawful border crossings.

A Deeper Hole

In years past, Cornyn actually has voted for giving illegal immigrants amnesty in this country. This, alone, has many conservatives thinking that his comment earlier this week wasn’t just a joke.

Between pro-amnesty comments and voting for gun control, the Texas Republican is simply digging himself into a hole he’s unlikely to get out of. Earlier this month, Cornyn was booed during his speech before the Texas GOP state convention.

At this time, the congressman isn’t doing anything to rebuild his bridges with Republicans or show he’s serious about upholding conservative values.