Joe Rogan Taunts Dems For Labeling Black Conservatives

In a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify, Rogan ridiculed the looney left Democrats on Twitter for calling black conservatives “white supremacists.”

The row over social justice Twitter’s odd usage began with the observation that ISIS does not allow gays to be part of their state: “You can’t be gay and be in ISIS, you know?” 

Presumably, that’s what Rogan meant by “gay,” though it is possible that you’re not allowed to be happy and be in ISIS. “That’s like being a black white supremacist,” Rogan continued, “But that’s possible now. They’re saying that,” and he wasn’t talking about Clayton Bigsby

“Anytime a black person says anything that doesn’t go with the Democratic narrative,” Joe Rogan explained, “They say that person’s carrying water for white supremacists. They’re out of their mind.”

As more and more people take the time to determine their political views by learning on their own, thinking for themselves, and drawing their conclusions, with the unprecedented access to information that we now have at hand, some more black people fit that description (says things that don’t go with the Democratic Party’s narrative, not white supremacist, obviously).

We have graduated from propositions like It is impossible for a black person to be racist to any black person out of step with the current, prevailing dogmas of the Democratic Party, or the creeds of the unhinged social justice warrior fresh out of sociology class with a Marxist professor getting fat on that tenure check wants to bring back segregated lunch counters and wash black people down the street with fire hoses.

That’s what the term “white supremacy” evokes in our minds.

Rogan gave two examples of black conservatives whom Democrats have slandered with this spurious accusation of white supremacists.

Referring to Virginia Lt. Gov-elect Winsome Sears, who any impartial observer can tell hasn’t received the earned media attention that she would have had she been a Democrat with the same accomplishments and usefulness to their identity politics.

Then he mocked some of the incredibly ridiculous things some far-left comment trolls said about Larry Elder during the California recall election.

At this rate, Democrats will wreck the exchange rate value of all those race cards they play even faster than Joe Biden, Congress, and the Federal Reserve is destroying the dollar.