Joe Biden’s Honeymoon Looks To Be Over, And That’s Bad News For Democrats

Gallup has released its most recent job approval statistics, which show a significant drop in Biden’s popularity rating. More importantly, President Biden is losing support from those Democrats need to win over to retain control of Congress in 2022. A key question arises, Is Joe Biden’s honeymoon period over? The situation has not yet reached the level of five-alarm concern, but it does not appear to be improving.

President Biden’s approval rating has fallen below 50%. As all previous approval ratings in Gallup polls under Biden’s Administration ranged between 54 and 57 percent, it is a new low. According to a Gallup poll, 50% of respondents approve of how the president handles his job, while 45% dislike and 5% have no opinion. At present, 90% of Democrats, 12% of Republicans, and 48% of independents approve of Biden’s job performance. His approval ratings among Democrats and independents are at an all-time low. According to Gallup, this is the first time he has scored less than a majority approval rating among independents.

It’s hardly a good sign that six months into his Administration, Biden’s approval rating has dropped to 50%. There is nothing on the horizon that would likely cause these figures to reverse. Inflation is affecting the middle class, and jobless claims are increasing. In contrast, the Administration’s inconsistency on COVID is undoubtedly a negative factor, particularly the ability to make recurrent mask demands. Furthermore, when asked about his mental abilities during a recent town hall meeting, the president rambled on for 30+ seconds of mind-numbing dullness. As a result, Biden’s inability to finish a sentence may be damaging his reputation.

Furthermore, it’s easy to frighten independent voters, a group among whom he’s already trailing in this survey. Here’s the issue with the 2022 election: Redistricting gives Republicans a plethora of benefits because they won elections at the state level. Challenges await a new president in 2022. Democrats can only overcome this by having outstanding results with swing voters. If Biden has a 50% approval rating, this will not happen.

As a result, if Biden’s popularity does not rise, he will become a burden on Democrats’ shoulders. But how will he go about it? He has surrendered to the far left of his party. As a result, he will not change course. Furthermore, he has taken an organic economic upswing and drove it to the ground to destroy it. That position will not improve overnight, and it will worsen if Democrats pass their $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill. The final line is that Biden has plunged too far, and there is no indication that he will recover in time to prevent a red tsunami on election night in 2022.