Joe Biden Thinks There Are 54 States?

As the midterm elections wrap up, Democrats are pulling out all stops to try to win. Thus far, it is not looking good. Polling shows the economy is the most crucial issue for most Americans. Democrats do not lead when it comes to trust to fix the economy, but Republicans sure do.

The economy is an issue that Democrats are consistently trying to duck and avoid talking about. Meanwhile, the party is having big names like Barack Obama and Joe Biden show up to campaign for candidates with elections next week.

Recently, Biden went to Pennsylvania to stump for Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman. Yet, this backfired when the president made yet another gaffe while speaking.

54 States in America?
While in Philadelphia, Biden used Obamacare as a talking point for why Democrats need to keep control of Congress. Despite the many issues with Obamacare, Biden alleged that it should remain as is.

He then argued that if Republicans win next week’s elections, Obamacare will be over with. This is when Biden alleged that Democrats stopped Republicans in 2018 from defeating Obamacare. According to the president, his party was so effective that they went to “54 states” to prevent the destruction of this healthcare plan.

During his campaign speech in Philadelphia, Biden didn’t bother to correct himself. Though Americans on social media were all too happy to remind the president that there are 50 states in America, not 54 states.

Democrats in Disarray
Biden and Obama will be making more campaign stops across the country to help Democrats win elections.

Though even in Pennsylvania, Biden once again failed to get to the heart of issues facing voters. This rings true for Obama as well, who recently stumped for Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), along with Georgia Democrats running for the Senate and governor’s office.

Many Republicans believe that bringing out left-wing big names to keep Democrats in power isn’t going to work. After all, one interview after the next shows that voters are not fixated on abortion, Obamacare, or any other issues Democrats want to use to distract from inflation, crime, and high gas prices.

Across the nation, early voting has already started, with many Americans getting their ballots in. Despite the efforts of Obama, Biden, and Democrats running for office this year, it looks like next Tuesday will bring about a massive red wave.