Joe Biden: There’s No Federal Solution To COVID-19, And CNN Tries To Cover For Him

Left-leaning media outlets are covering for President Joe Biden’s statement that there’s no federal solution to solve the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s just sad to watch. They have to work overtime to keep up with Biden’s statements and make Biden seem somewhat reasonable and not lose his mind.

Biden said, “This gets solved at a state-level” from his staged White House set, noting that this is where the rubber meets the road. There’s no good analogy that can be made from that, but it’s been up to the states this entire time. That’s not anything new.

John Harwood, CNN’s White House correspondent, joined CNN’s New Day program and said, “I think that was a throwaway line from Biden.”

Really? How so? In the clip of Biden making that statement, Biden referenced New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, who “talks about that a lot.” Biden has had plenty of time to think about that and hear it from others.

Harwood continued, “I think Biden was beginning a call from governors” and then noted that there’s been over 40 of the calls and blah, blah, blah.

In the clip, the call was not just beginning. Biden was responding in his statement. Nothing was taken out of context. It was Biden’s own words. The only difference was that Biden didn’t have a teleprompter and a list of governors with pre-selected questions, and it seems that Biden went off-script.

Harwood also said, “And I think presidents always make references to the fact that states have a lot of authority, and we need to work in cooperation.”

Agreed! Biden needs to look at Florida and realize that states have different ways of dealing with the COVID-19 virus and some strategies work better than others. It’s not a new virus anymore, and lockdowns don’t work, neither do masks, and the COVID-19 vaccine efficacy is questionable with new variants and breakthrough cases. It isn’t a one solution fits all kinds of responses. Every individual should decide to move on with this beautiful country.

Harwood also noted that Biden spoke afterward about things he’s doing to catch up with testing and other areas. It isn’t true either. Testing has been a hot topic for some time, and Biden’s Administration has made promises and allocated money to get more tests. Biden made moves to ramp up testing in October, yet we have a low supply of COVID-19 tests and a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. In September, Biden and OSHA mandated the COVID-19 vaccine or weekly testing for employers with 100 or more employees but didn’t deliver on the testing portion of that mandate. There’s no doubt that it was intended to force more people to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The federal government’s involvement in the fight against COVID-19 should be limited and subtle. Though there needs to be federal support for states regardless of the decisions they’ve made, it’s frustrating to see the federal government working against states who aren’t forcing an experimental vaccine on their residence.