Joe Biden Proves That We Have An Incompetent Economic Neophyte As President

At 78-years-old, you would think that Joe Biden would have some understanding of how basic economics works. He’s been a politician in Washington DC for half of a century. But the man is clueless, simply proving that his intellect was never his strong suit.

He was recently joking that if you sat down at any restaurant and asked the people in the booth next to yours to explain the supply chain, they would fail the test. They understand the supply chain better than the president understands economics. As president, Joe Biden has been unable, America is in crisis, and he cannot explain inflation or stop it.

The Biden-Harris maladministration just recognized that inflation is a real issue. They probably never got the receipts from the last visit to the grocery store by White House staff. After his team guaranteed it would be fleeting now, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd noticed that inflation is here to stay, after over one year of rising prices with no relief in sight. We are being fleeced and flayed alive by the Democrat Party.

Brian Deese, the National Economic Council Director, said if you ignore the price of meat, prices are acceptable. What an idiot. What if we also miss the price of gas. And what if we all pretend that we are getting 5% raises. Then things are great.

Democrats and the media attempted to cover for Biden’s failures for half of a year. But, Biden is not running his maladministration. The Democrats are. But he is responsible for the terrible things occurring because he is unwilling or unable to lead this country. He is proving to be the sham, and feeble politician conservatives warned the rest of the nation about. He is too far gone to accept responsibility or do anything about it. And the media celebrates how they scammed the country so that Democrat staffers and lobbyists can tank this economy and strip mine it bare by stealing our livelihood.

This shabby maladministration is too foolish to govern, and they proved that they do not comprehend the problems we face. Joe Biden’s reply to our economic issues demonstrates that he is not living in our reality. He recognized that stimulus checks increased inflation. After losing money for over a year of lockdowns, businesses raise prices when consumers have more money to spend. So Biden contends that his Breaking Bad Better plan with massive spending is just what we need. More waste and fraud is his plan.
Biden has tanked the economy, and he will double down on his failed policies. He does not care about the American people, and he will do whatever the Democrat Party tells him. And Democrats will use him to ingratiate themselves on the public doll. We will not recuperate when we are paying more for everything. Inflation is skyrocketing, the most significant increase in prices in over 30 years, giving this generation a taste of the awful inflationary presidency of Jimmy Carter. Joe Biden will be remembered as one of the worst presidents ever.

Nothing in the Breaking Bad Better plan will stop inflation. Instead, it will exacerbate it. The only thing Democrats have to offer is more spending and taxing. They have one playbook, and they lie about new ways to run the same play. This liberal and socialist political party are entirely untrustworthy and uninformed, and Joe Biden is along for the ride.