Joe Biden: “Nobody In The Entire Globe” Predicted The Arrival Of COVID-19 Variants

Following Vice President Kamala Harris’ claim that the Biden Administration did not see the COVID-19 variants like Delta and Omicron coming, an ABC News exclusive interview with the president raised the issue. Biden answered, “nobody saw it coming, nobody in the world.”

The entire thing is a variant!

How can the White House claim with a straight face that they didn’t see coronavirus variants coming when the big SHTF moment back in January 2020 wasn’t over any new disease? It was over a variant of a disease we had long known about.

Anyone following the news during George W. Bush’s first term can remember the last time there was a big coronavirus outbreak in China.

All the newspapers, news magazines, and news channels talked about it, just not with all the apocalyptic fearmongering they brought to bear on the story.

Back then, they called it SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), and it was usually mild but sometimes deadly for the most vulnerable upper respiratory infection caused by the coronavirus. The one that started going around in winter ‘19/’20 was just a coronavirus variant. So they named it the “novel coronavirus” and the disease it causes COVID-19, an excellent official INGSOC rendering of “coronavirus disease 2019.”

And not only was there a coronavirus outbreak in the early 2000s that the media widely covered, but our government has been studying the virus with your tax dollars for decades. After the Washington Post FOIA request turned up some emails from Dr. Fauci about it, our government researched how to increase the virus’ ability to spread to make it more contagious. Dr. Fauci said the government wasn’t doing that in testimony to Congress.

So this idea that the government did or didn’t see a variant coming, it’s just a stupid question with a conclusion ready-made for the government to win and the people to lose.

If the government did see it coming, then they win because they saw it coming and saved us from it or something. If they didn’t see it coming, as they want to bait Republicans into accusing them of, which is again, for all the reasons given above, just silly if they didn’t see it coming, then the implication is they failed to do their job.

Conclusion: It’s the government’s job to look for every possible threat anyone can dream up and keep us safe from it, and take even more action than it already has on our behalf with our money and freedom, and the law, the Constitution was thrown out the window, to “help” us. Let’s not play their game.