Joe Biden Made 3 Ridiculous Claims To Divert Attention From His Terrible Job Performance

President Joe Biden tried to deflect attention from the disappointing employment figures by making three ludicrous claims in quick succession: 210,000 jobs were generated in November, vs. 550,000 expected.

Firstly, oil corporations hike prices. According to Biden, the drop in wholesale oil prices was due to his “largest-ever” Strategic Petroleum Reserve release, which he urged China to do as well, though he admitted China hadn’t yet. He claims that the wholesale price of gasoline has fallen by nearly 10% since the end of October. In addition to rejecting the Keystone XL project, Trump has proposed an economically disastrous methane rule. In allowing the Nord Stream II gas pipeline beneath the Baltic, he has urged Putin to provide more energy while increasing Western Europe’s dependence on Russian natural gas.

Oil prices may have fallen due to intensified government efforts to contain COVID 19 delta and omicron strains. Mandatory gasoline compositions and carbon fees are two examples of governmental and bureaucratic actions that boost energy prices. According to President Joe Biden, retail gasoline prices haven’t dropped nearly as much as they could have. As a result, they need a bogeyman to distract the public from their role in raising energy prices. The businesses assert that they worked collaboratively to achieve this. Oil and gasoline refining and distribution are very competitive nowadays. So these questions are melodrama.

Minutes later, while Biden praised his administration’s efforts to improve the supply chain, he dropped another bombshell. It’s going to be a good year for Americans, he promised. Moreover, he boasted that they had speeded up operations at the ports. For instance, in Los Angeles and Long Beach, the two biggest ports in America, the amount of containers left on the docks for more than eight days has dropped by 40%.

However, it implies that instead of waiting on the docks, the goods are loaded into trains, trucks, and vehicles to be sold. Import volumes at the Port of Los Angeles are expected to fall by 41.1% between Nov. 21 and 27. It took 26-30 days to wait for ships in California compared to 2-6 days in Houston. Many Chinese firms were forced to run at 60-70 percent due to a lack of electricity and staff.

Furthermore, under Joe Biden’s proposal, a family of four would save $7,400 a year in childcare expenditures over the next decade. To support universal preschool for all children ages 3 and 4, he recommended a minimum 15% tax rate. There is little research that supports the long-term benefits of pre-school education.

Therefore, there will be fewer private and religious preschools due to the universal preschool movement, and more people will be employed. Increasing the length of public education from 13 to 15 years has a significant impact on the Democrats. Dues-paying members of teachers’ unions are expected to rise by 15%.