Joe Biden Just Reaffirmed His Vendetta Against The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment remains very much under siege in America today.

Right now, credit card companies are working towards classifying the purchases of firearms and other related materials in a distinct manner. This decision comes after Democrats put pressure on these companies to join the fight in favor of gun control.

Meanwhile, the left continues to demonize the National Rifle Association (NRA), along with other Second Amendment supporters across the country. Now, Joe Biden is once again coming out and affirming his dedication to chipping away at constitutional gun rights.

The Latest From Biden
Just this past Wednesday, the president tweeted out that he’ll continue to throw his weight behind gun control until a prohibition on “assault weapons” occurs. This is far from the first time Biden’s made these sorts of comments.

Just several weeks ago, Biden was claiming that Democrats need to expand their majorities in Congress in order to ban Americans from legal firearms ownership. The president has also talked about “defeating” the NRA previously in his career and stated he looks forward to a repeat of this.

Meanwhile, gun rights supporters throughout the nation have made it clear they won’t stand by and let Democrats eradicate the Second Amendment. Pro-gun advocates likewise warned the gun control movement won’t be satisfied until gun purchases and ownership are made to be illegal nationwide.

This point has especially come up amid the brewing fights over how credit card companies choose to categorize the purchases of guns and gun-related materials. Republican lawmakers recently warned that if credit card companies don’t reverse their decision, they’ll be facing legal pushback.

Biden’s Dangerous Ignorance of Guns
Unfortunately, despite all of Biden’s opposition to gun rights, he’s shockingly ignorant about firearms.

The president previously went on record claiming that 9MM firearms can blow a human lung outside of the body. Biden has also wrongly stated that handgun magazines can hold 40 rounds of ammunition.

On numerous occasions, the president’s been called out for his factually untrue claims about firearms. Yet, he has never gone back to publicly correct himself.

If anything, Biden’s latest promise to prohibit “assault weapons” is all the more reason why America can’t afford to have another two years of Democrats running Congress. Thankfully, the polls show Republicans are very likely to take back at least one chamber next month.