Joe Biden Is The President Of The CNN Demo, Not The USA

Not only is Joe Biden not my president, but I’m not the only one who thinks so. Joe Biden doesn’t think he’s my president either.

Because for all the talk about unity and being a president for all Americans, Joe sure doesn’t act like someone who views themselves as the president of all Americans.

His interview and town hall choices have shown that Biden is only the president of the masked, vaccinated, CNN-watching lemmings in blue country America.

All of the rest of the little people in flyover country who watch Fox News or read the Wall Street Journal don’t get to watch the president (not) answer questions, and tell lies, and make promises he’ll be sure to break soon.

On Thursday, CNN announced Monday and President Joe Biden will be doing yet another Anderson Cooper town hall in Baltimore, Maryland. It will be the second one of Biden’s presidency in under a year, in addition to the CNN town hall he did with the aptly named Don Lemon in July

During that fiasco, we got this clarification from President Biden about the FDA approval process for coronavirus and Covid-19 related drugs: 

“And the question is whether or not we should be in a position where, you uh, uh, are, why can’t, the experts say, ‘we know that this virus is, uh, uhm, uh, i— i— is going to be— or— excuse me, we— we— we— know why all the drugs approved are not temporarily approved, but permanently approved.’”

That’s the kind of meltdown Joe has trying to answer the most utter softball questions from the most unabashedly pro-biased social network to him. Imagine how he would hold up under a line of questions from a Fox News network town hall moderator and selected guests. 

A town hall like that is what the American electorate deserves, given the extraordinarily controversial nature of Joe Biden’s extraordinarily unprecedented actions as president.

He owes the American people some real answers to some fundamental questions asked by the people who are most skeptical about the job he’s doing as president.

Most of us who do not watch CNN regularly want to know whether Joe Biden even really wants what’s best for this country or is helping an active communist revolution in progress against our constitution.

And if he has millions of Americans who believe that about him, he owes it to stand behind his actions and answer for them for the sake of this nation’s integrity. He should publicly square off against the strongest questions and most severe objections to his covid communist regime. Otherwise, this is no constitutional republic, just a banana republic dictatorship in an increasingly pitiful disguise as a constitutional one.