Joe Biden is Draining America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserves

Energy costs in America have risen significantly since President Joe Biden first took office in January 2021.

According to the White House’s version of events, the he cost of gas in America today are the fault of Russia. Biden has also tweeted that GOP lawmakers were stopping him from lowering gas prices.

Republicans have consistently maintained that Biden needs to roll back his anti-energy policies in order to get prices down. However, the president has instead chosen to sell oil from America’s strategic petroleum reserves to other nations.

Bad News For America’s Emergency Supply
The strategic petroleum reserves are designed for the country to have during times of war or other objective emergencies. They’re not intended for presidents to use when their energy policies backfire.

Nevertheless, Biden has repeatedly sold out America’s emergency supply of oil to foreign nations, like China.

Just this past Tuesday, the president revealed that 20 million more oil barrels from the strategic petroleum reserves are going to be sold to lower gas prices. This initiative comes after Biden was not able to convince the Saudis to deliver oil to the United States while visiting the country.

Unfortunately, it appears as though the Biden administration is going to continue using the country’s emergency oil supply in reckless ways. Already, Europe is seeking oil from the United States, due to rising costs and escalating tensions with Russia.

Bleeding America Dry
If the White House continues selling oil from the nation’s strategic petroleum reserves, the country will be in very big trouble if a true emergency arises. Republicans, on the other hand, continue to point out the serious issues tied to a president shipping US strategic petroleum reserves oil to other nations.

Biden’s wasteful actions leave American states much more vulnerable when facing natural disasters, for one thing. At the rate things are going, there’s no guarantee that our country will have any emergency oil supply left by the time 2024 arrives.