Joe Biden is Back in the Hot Seat Over Another Lie

The lies of Joe Biden continue to pile up. Although, as of late, they’ve become more disturbing and continue to prove his lack of fitness to lead the United States.

When Biden was running for president, he stated that he wouldn’t mandate the COVID vaccines.

Yet, less than one year into his tenure, the president tried to pass a mandate forcing companies with 100+ workers to either have their staff get vaccinated or suffer massive fines. In January, the Supreme Court struck down Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate.

Despite Biden’s many other lies, his latest fib about his Supreme Court nominee, Kentanji Jackson, is what has him in trouble, according to Red State.

Biden’s Lies vs. the Documented Truth

This past Monday, Biden told the media that he didn’t get the opportunity to watch Jackson’s confirmation hearings in the Senate. Given the inherently busy schedule any president has, this might have been believable, if not for previous statements from Biden’s own White House.

Last week, the media told reporters that Biden did, in fact, get a chance to watch Jackson’s confirmation hearings and was pleased with how she handled herself.

On top of this outright lie Biden told to the media and the country, he was also seen carrying flashcards during his press briefing. A close-up on the cards showed a series of questions Biden would presumably face, coupled with appropriate answers.

This isn’t the first time the president has been caught taking flashcards to his press conferences. Also, Biden’s statements about his Supreme Court nominee were not the only lies he told on Monday.

The president also foolishly claimed that he’s reducing the pressures of inflation. Ironically, Biden is actually doing the opposite. During this month alone, Biden’s been putting pressure on Congress to pass another costly spending package for the new round of COVID booster shots coming soon.

What Else is Biden Lying About?

It’s reasonable to assume that for every one lie Biden gets caught in, there are at least a few others that have yet to come to light.
During times where there’s so much uncertainty in the world, the last thing Americans need is a president who can’t bother with the truth.

At this point, Biden isn’t even trying to deliver for the American public or fix the mistakes he’s made. Instead, this president just lies and hopes the country is dumb enough to fall for it.

The sooner Biden is out of the White House, the sooner America can begin to heal from all the damage he’s caused.