Joe Biden Couldn’t Recall His Infrastructure Czar’s Name

Joe Biden appeared to have difficulty pronouncing “America” and recalling the name of his infrastructure czar. Biden had named an “infrastructure czar” to oversee the project. After Hurricane Katrina, Mitch Landrieu, the former Mayor of New Orleans, was appointed as the czar. Critics claim he misused billions of dollars in government funds for post-Katrina municipal reconstruction. Since then, he has also ‘enriched’ himself through a ‘racial justice’ non-profit, which he disputes.

Joe Biden’s trip to New Orleans got off to a rocky start when he couldn’t recall Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D-La.) name, his teleprompter said “topped” instead of “tapped,” and he couldn’t remember the name of his testing person. Now, he’s all for making as much money as he can in a private business (honestly), but if your head is pulling down $330,000, someone has lost the plot and the purpose of where the money is meant to go for the cause.

Furthermore, during his speech on infrastructure, President Joe Biden admitted that the things that haven’t been completed had caused a lot of sadness for the Americans. That is correct. Unfortunately, there is a lot more displeasure with what he has done, such as his poor spending plans, which have contributed more to the rising prices. In dealing with this, the White House has had a deluded response.

When reporters sought to ask President Joe Biden about Russia and Ukraine and if he had anything to say to Vladimir Putin, he had no answers for their questions at the end of his infrastructure speech in Washington, D.C. It was a typical Biden move: turning a blind eye and looking away, then walking away with no replies for anyone.