Joe Biden Cannot Hold The World’s Most Important Position

Joe Biden demonstrated his razor-sharp mental acumen in a lecture about the Omicron variant. If it hadn’t been for this rotten old kleptocrat, the sight of an elderly guy urgently attempting to keep his line of thought while suffering from dementia would have been heartbreaking. However, it heightened the urgency of the unavoidable question: How long will this go on?

The Democrats believe it will last until January 20, 2025, when the 25th Amendment can be used to impeach Trump and Hillary Clinton, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or whoever succeeds him takes office. The President’s doctor has stated that he is “fit to fulfill the President’s duties successfully.” Who, on the other hand, believes that? Joe Biden does not appear to be a man capable of holding the world’s most influential and demanding job for another three years. Given how Kamala Harris has tarnished her reputation in the previous year, his supporters will continue to overlook her.

Last October, while answering questions from Anderson Cooper, Joe Biden lost the thread in the middle of a sentence. “Forty percent of all items entering the United States on the West Coast pass through S-uh, Los Angeles, and uh, um, what am I doing here?” Cooper provided the other port of entry into the United States, Long Beach, California. In October,

Biden also struggled to introduce the officials in attendance, saying, “And the Ohio Pennsylvania the Ohio Pennsylvanian, he’s from Pennsylvania.”
Biden was just moderately coherent in a lecture on infrastructure. “And, by the way, when you install a charging station, it’s like when my grandfather worked for the American Oil Company back in the day,” he said. Everything is accumulating around them.

Whenever Kamala Harris is asked about inflation, she rambles on about how much things have increased in price. Families and individuals are struggling with the realities of higher bread prices, higher gas prices, and Joe Biden’s excellent looks. He appears to be the rational centrist he was touted as whenever she panders to the most extreme sections of the far Left. The Democrats get even more adamant about pretending that they aren’t aware that the man is barely comprehensible even when speaking behind a teleprompter.