Joe Biden ‘Attacked’ The Credibility Of Army Report On Afghanistan

President Joe Biden was asked about a report on his Administration’s handling of the Afghanistan war in an interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt. According to the study, senior White House and State Department officials failed to evacuate Americans and friends before Kabul’s collapse.

As he examines an Army report on the lead-up to the pullout from Afghanistan, Holt asks, “Does any of it ring true to you?” Many military officials and commanders questioned for the investigation say the Administration ignored the handwriting on the wall. Another recalled seeing people who were “in denial” about the situation while trying to get everyone in the Embassy ready to escape.

Moreover, President Joe Biden claims that he was not informed there was no good moment to leave Iraq, but that is not what the White House told him. He tells NBC’s Dick Cheney and Lester Holt, “No one told him that. They recognized that if they hadn’t gotten out, they would have had to send a lot more troops back in.” More than 2,000, if not 4,000, would have returned to the mix.

According to Joe Biden, the Afghan air force was on the verge of collapsing. They’ve known since last year that he disregarded his military advisers’ recommendations. It’s difficult to see how Biden can change history while challenging the US Army report’s legitimacy.

“They can’t keep prolonging or growing their military presence in Afghanistan,” Biden said. Top military officers urged for a minimal US presence as Biden considered a complete pullout from the country this spring. They said that a few thousand troops were required to keep the Taliban in control. Former and current officials briefed on the negotiations claimed they were adamant policy supporters.