Jill Biden Seems To ‘Forget’ Who The President Is

These days, there’s a lot less attention on First Lady Jill Biden than there is on her husband, President Joe Biden.

However, when Jill Biden does take the limelight, she doesn’t do Democrats very many favors. Last month, the First Lady announced that Democrats were dropping the “free community college” promise from their agenda.

Of course, Biden tried to soften the blow by claiming Democrats would still devote ample attention to education. However, progressives were not pleased. Making community college “free” was a critical commitment Biden made to his base in 2020 and a commitment they expect him to make good on.

However, this week, the First Lady made a severe flub that got the nation weighing in with various thoughts, as covered by RedState.

On more than one occasion, Joe Biden has declared that Kamala Harris, his Vice President, is the President of the United States. Jill Biden made the same slip-up on Monday while speaking at a White House Black History Month celebration.

While introducing Harris, the First Lady described her as a “partner” to the President regarding “voting rights.” However, shortly after this point, Biden mentioned Harris as “the President” before quickly correcting herself and saying, “the Vice President.”

Jill Biden, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris tried to pass the awkward moment by laughing and hugging. Later, the First Lady even claimed she referred to Harris as “the President” to get some laughs from the White House audience.

If Harris being referred to as President by the Biden team were just a one-off, it probably wouldn’t be such a huge deal. However, this has taken place on multiple occasions. Many people believe that Biden’s end signifies his mental decline.

However, Monday was Jill Biden’s first time referring to Harris as President. During the 2020 campaign, Harris did refer to her partnership with Biden as “a Harris Administration” before pivoting and later saying, “with Joe Biden as President.”

At this point, some people are wondering whether or not Biden and his team are intentionally referring to Harris as President and then playing it off as a mistake. There hasn’t been a case in all of American history where a President and other team members repeatedly referred to the Vice President as the Commander-in-Chief.