Jen Psaki May Be “Secretly Fed Up” With The Biden Administration

As the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki is, by default, the most excellent defender of the Biden Administration. Psaki’s job description is to speak with the media about the Biden agenda while making the President appear as flattering a light as possible.

Over time, this seems to have gotten increasingly more difficult. The Biden Administration is flopping to such epic proportions that there’s only so much spin that can be put on it.

The Biden Administration suffered a blow when its COVID vaccination mandate for big businesses was tossed into the Supreme Court’s garbage bin during the year alone. Now, breaking reports from the Next News Network indicate that Biden’s press secretary might be getting tired of defending him.

Days ago, Utah Sen. Mitt Romney slammed Joe Biden for the latter’s outright lies about voting rights, the filibuster, and lawmakers opposing Democrats’ elections overhaul bills.

Biden engendered bipartisan backlash when he compared opponents of this legislation and supporters of the filibuster to racists and segregationists during a speech in Atlanta.

Romney took umbrage with this and stated that in making these remarks, the 46th President was heading down a road identical to former President Trump and bringing the integrity of American elections into question.

When Psaki was asked to respond to the Utah GOP senator’s assessment, she appeared irritated. The White House press secretary stated that individuals who stormed the Capitol over one year ago did so despite “debunked” claims of the legitimacy of the 2020 race.

She then claimed that a concerted effort is somehow underway to stop people from voting in the United States. Psaki also seemed annoyed when she mentioned the significant criticism that Biden’s Atlanta speech has faced, something she called “hilarious.”

As typical for the White House press secretary, her responses to questions from the media were riddled with lies. Despite what the Biden Administration wants people to believe, Republicans are not actively working to stop people from voting.
Nevertheless, this is the narrative the left continues to run with to pass their elections overhaul bills. It comes as great pain to Democrats that they lack the votes in the Senate to pass this legislation.

Following Psaki’s criticism against Biden’s Atlanta speech, many social media users noticed how angry and snippy she appeared. Some speculate that Psaki may soon join the extensive list of Biden aides who have resigned from their posts.