Jane’s Revenge Plans ‘Night of Rage’ Over Supreme Court Decision

The radical pro-abortion group that calls itself “Jane’s Revenge” is reportedly planning more acts of domestic terrorism following the release of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, which is likely to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision.

The group posted plans to carry out what it calls a “Night of Rage: An Autonomous Call to Action Against Patriarchal Supremacy” on the Anarchists Library website at the end of May in anticipation of the Supreme Court ruling, which is expected sometime in June.

“This is an event that should inspire rage in millions of people who can get pregnant…and yet, the response thus far has been tepid,” the manifesto states. “We have agonized over this apparent absence of indignation. Why is it that we are so afraid to unleash hell upon those who are destroying us? Fear of state repression is valid, but this goes deeper than that.”

The plans go on to call for people across the country to actively express their anger “physically.”

“Whatever form your fury takes, the first step is feeling it,” the manifesto continues. “The next step is carrying that anger out into the world and expressing it physically. Consider this your call to action.”

The group also lists a specific time and a general date for the “Night of Rage” to take place.

“On the night the final ruling is issued——a specific date we cannot yet predict, but we know is arriving imminently——we are asking for courageous hearts to come out after dark,” they wrote.

“Whoever you are and wherever you are, we are asking for you to do what you can to make your anger known,” the manifesto continues. “We have selected a time of 8 pm for actions nationwide to begin, but know that this is a general guideline. There may be other considerations involved in planning time and place. We do not claim to speak for every community or crew. We are simply calling out to you. And we hope you answer our cries.”

The manifesto also notes that if there are any “cis males allies” who want to take part, they may do so, but “Do not police us. Do not tell us what is and isn’t appropriate.”

“To those who work to oppress us: If abortion isn’t safe, you aren’t either. We are everywhere,” the manifesto concludes.

More than 100 Republicans have signed on to a letter requesting that Attorney General Merrick Garland instruct the Department of Justice to investigate this radical pro-abortion group as domestic terrorists in relation to attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers across the country.