Jan. 6 Committee Foolishness Now Even Obvious To Media

The three-ring circus that the Jan. 6 Committee quickly became was glaringly obvious from the start to impartial observers. Only mainstream Democrats and their media cohorts took the parade of wild stories seriously, and they breathlessly reported each new rumor.

But now even the left’s staunchest defenders cannot deny that the ship is taking on water when Saturday Night Live spoofs the committee and its comical misdeeds.

It’s not enough that the nation seems unable to escape the throes of four-decade-high inflation and the wide-open border crisis. And nearly every economic expert is shrilly warning of a looming recession — if not declaring that it is already here.

But for the House, it insists on subjecting Americans to every unsubstantiated rumor possible about a president who has not been in office for nearly two full years.

Everything from throwing food against walls to strangling Secret Service agents and colluding with Putin is fair game for this group. And now the committee subpoenaed former President Donald Trump.

According to the New York Times, Trump told aides that he may comply with the subpoena “as long as he can do it live.” Which is a smart move to avoid the cut-and-paste that Democrats and their media cronies prefer reporting.

The Jan. 6 Committee is so biased and one-sided that it has no members who did not already vote for impeachment. Is it supposed to deliver a fair and impartial conclusion?

Further, Trump lambasted the waning media coverage of the “show trial” that the “Unselect Committee” evolved into. He noted the absence of due process, cross-examination, mainstream Republican members, and lack of any focus on election fraud.

For all the fear-mongering and outright falsehoods of Jan. 6 paraded by the radical left, the only person killed that day was an unarmed female protester.

That SNL spoofed the committee is enough to prove that Democrats have given far too much of their time and energy to tearing Trump down. If half this much effort went into lowering energy costs and securing the border, inflation would fall and the nation could rest much easier.