Jake Sullivan ‘Explains’ What A Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Would ‘Look Like’

According to National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would likely start with a “significant bombardment of missiles and bomb assaults.” Sullivan continues, “Innocent individuals might be slain regardless of their country.” Sullivan admits that he cannot predict what will happen in Ukraine, but he does illustrate how a Russian invasion might unfold.

Moreover, if Russia invades Ukraine, NATO Secretary-General believes there would be an “onslaught of a ground force advancing across the Ukrainian boundary” response to the bombings. If an invasion occurs, he continues, people may be caught in the crossfire. According to Sullivan, NATO’s territory will be defended by them. They will impose costs on Russia and ensure that the West emerges stronger as a result.

According to Sullivan, the Biden Administration cannot “exactly forecast” when Russia would attack Ukraine, but it may happen “any day now.” He believes that “the way Russia has built up their troops” and “the way they have placed everything in position” makes “big military action very soon” a real possibility.

According to the Pentagon, Russia might invade Ukraine “any day now,” if not sooner, and the US will not apply sanctions in advance of a Russian assault. Sullivan also restated the Biden Administration’s warning to American citizens in Ukraine, advising them to leave “immediately” and that no military evacuation would take place. On Saturday, the State Department advised Americans to flee through Poland.

Therefore Secretary of State John Kirby claims that the US has been highly explicit with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the severe economic implications that Russia may face if international sanctions are broken. “If they penalize someone for something they haven’t done yet, they might as well go ahead and do it,” Kirby says.