Ivan Provorov’s Jersey Sells Out After He Skips NHL’s ‘Pride Night’

Shortly after Philadelphia Flyers team member Ivan Provorov decided to skip the National Hockey League’s “Pride Night,” many fans of the hockey player are now rejoicing after he ran out of jerseys to sell online at both the NHL Shop and Fanatics, according to reports.

The only size of Provorov hockey jerseys that could still be purchased online were ‘extra smalls.’

Left-wing activists brewed up a storm after Provorov chose to not take part in the event.

Upon being questioned over the manufactured controversy, the hockey player unapologetically told reporters, “My choice is to stay true to myself and my religion.”

Provorv’s choice to not wear LGBT-themed jerseys and use rainbow hockey sticks due to his own personal religious convictions drew fury from numerous left-wing activists in the media.

“What I heard last night was offensive, and it didn’t make any sense,” Seixeiro said in regard to the hockey player’s decision to skip out on Pride Night due to his Christian beliefs. “Because, for instance, if that was a military night… ok? If anyone in Canada or in the States on a military appreciation night wouldn’t wear a jersey pre-game, do you have any idea the uproar that would have happened on that?” Seixeiro asked.

The show host concluded, “the NHL has to do something here,” and said that nothing scares him more than “any human being who says ‘I’m not doing this because of my religious beliefs.’”

“With respect, don’t give me that, because no one’s perfect… Don’t feed me the ‘religious beliefs’ line, and all of a sudden NHL is gonna back off it,” he said during the unhinged rant.

“The National Hockey League today,” Seixeiro said with emphasis as he pounded a desk, “needs to fine that organization a million dollars and reevaluate how they support gay rights. Because that is insulting… that is the number one trending topic in Canada.”

Meanwhile, an NHL analyst said on live TV that Provorov should just “leave” and “go back” to where he feels “comfortable.”

Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh reacted to the analyst’s words, saying, “go back where you came from is now a perfectly acceptable response… provided you’re speaking to a white man… and the sin the white man committed is that he isn’t gay enough… but only a white man.”