It Gets ‘Embarrassing’ As Joe Biden Starts Talking About ‘Race’ Again

It is advised that the Biden campaign should stop bringing Joe Biden on the stage to talk because it’s so embarrassing and exhausting for the country every time he does. Can’t they even stop him from lying about stuff he’s already been caught lying about? It’s horrible when he keeps spreading the same lies, like the ones about firearms he told earlier in the day in New York City.

When Joe Biden’s attention isn’t occupied with reading from a script or the teleprompter, he finds himself in trouble. They’re going to get something that isn’t even close to being genuine when he starts telling them about his background. “Because there weren’t any, there were very few blacks in Scranton,” he said. Joe Biden stated his mother would drive him to Claymont, Delaware’s Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary School.

Moreover, Joe Biden claims he was sent to a private school because Black students were not permitted to attend the same school as white students. When they relocated from Scranton to Claymont when he was approximately ten years old, that would have been when they relocated. He sounds as if he’s talking about being sent to a private school that is separated.

Joe Biden claims there were no black people in Scranton when he was a kid, but it ignores the history of the Black individuals who did reside there. It sounds like he’s using the term “Section 8 housing” as a dog whistle to characterize the accommodation. It’s unclear what sort of housing he’s talking to because Section 8 housing didn’t begin until 1974.

Furthermore, although the chances of this being real are next to none, it sounds like an excellent bet. But keep in mind that this is a man with a lengthy history of racial difficulties. We all remember his spat with Kamala Harris during the Democratic primary when she chastised him for busing and cozying up to segregationists. It is the same man who declared he didn’t want his children to “grow up in a jungle, a racial jungle.”

Joe Biden remarked in 2020 that Black Americans who don’t know why they should vote for him “ain’t black.” He also asserted that Black people aren’t as “diverse” as Latinos and that “poor children are just as brilliant and clever as white children.” It is not sure how they’ll deal with Joe Biden’s dilemma. They can’t conceal him, and they can’t make him stop being who he is.