Is The United States Officially A Nation Of Sheep?

According to a YouGov poll, Democrats are more afraid of COVID than the rest of the people. They are more authoritarian in mandating vaccines for those who refuse to take the “Fauci ouchy,” as Michael Knowles calls it. JFK would not have been afraid of a virus, and he would not have exaggerated its severity. Neither would a slew of other Democrats in the past.

Under President Obama, a communist at heart, the Democratic Party began to radicalize in earnest. Obama was the one who converted our Justice Department, FBI, IRS, DEA, ATF, and CIA into spy organizations tasked with tracking out political opposition wherever it may be found. When Trump was elected in 2016, these agencies reverted to their well-honed Stalinist techniques.

Energy for Granholm! Transportation for Buttigieg! Sullivan for the Department of Homeland Security! Garland in the role of A.G. Every single one of them is a catastrophe, utterly oblivious to the point of danger. Biden and his band of ideological schemers are happily looking forward to closing down more small enterprises, as anybody who pays attention knows. However, the Democrats’ appetite for dictatorship over the American people is the most frightening of all.

Governor Hochul of New York has required masks for two-year-olds, and Governor Newsom of California is cut from the same cloth. They keep united in the face of mountains of scientific evidence that immunizations are hazardous. They must all be aware of this, but they keep on forcing us to approve. Either they surrendered and regretted it or did not (members of Congress are exempt from the mandate).

The International Criminal Court has filed a case accusing Gates, Fauci, and Peter Daszak of genocide. There is no need for healthy children to be vaxxed because they are not in danger of dying from COVID. Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Ryan Cole, signers of the Great Barrington Declaration, have put their careers on the line to reveal the truth.

What has been done to the people of the United States is the most heinous globalist crime against humanity ever committed against once free people in the history of the formerly civilized globe. How can we explain the millions of individuals who have gladly embraced these destiny lockdowns, masks, and vaccinations? How have so many people succumbed to the terror stoked by our awful media 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

The victim of mind control is unaware that he is being manipulated. The walls of his jail seem impenetrable to him, and he feels he is free. Only other people can see that he is not free. According to philosopher Carl Jung in The Prisoner’s Guide to Psychoanalysis, his servitude is purely objective.