Is RFK A Threat To The Biden Campaign?

Prominent environmental attorney and anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has declared his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for the presidency, which could be a potential threat to the Biden 2024 presidential campaign.

In an interview on WABC 770 AM’s “Cats & Cosby Show,” Kennedy stated that he is running against President Biden because he fundamentally disagrees with him on key issues. While he has been friends with Biden for 40 years, Kennedy disagrees with Biden’s direction for the country.

Kennedy believes that the United States should not have Wall Street running the country, nor neocons dictating foreign policy. He is skeptical of war and believes that the U.S. should “settle” the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Early polling has shown Biden leading Kennedy and his other challenger, Marianne Williamson, but a recent USA Today-Suffolk University poll found that 14 percent of Biden 2020 voters said they supported Kennedy. An Emerson College poll released Thursday had him at 21 percent.

Kennedy has been a subject of controversy as the leader of Children’s Health Defense, an organization that has promoted transparency about covid vaccines. He has been pushing against the use of government-mandated vaccines and their known negative side effects.

He claims the middle class was systematically wiped out because of the forced lockdowns and has been a constant target of the mainstream media for the past three years. However, he has been frequently featured in the news the past 10 days “unedited,” which has led to the support he has gained so far.

“I think a lot of the people began remembering that I’m not really a crazy person. When they see me, I don’t look like the mischaracterizations,” he said. “That may be the case. It may be that people just want something different.”

Kennedy’s father was former Attorney General Robert Kennedy and his uncle was former President John F. Kennedy. He still holds the same values as his father and uncle: opposing censorship, war, and Wall Street.

According to RFK Jr., his objective is to eliminate the corrupt alliance between the state and government that is damaging the American middle class — which is a direct threat to the Biden agenda.