Interpreter Turned Lyft Driver Tragically Slain in DC

An Afghan interpreter who served alongside American special forces was gunned down early Monday while driving for Lyft in the nation’s capital. Nasrat Ahmad Yar, 31, lost his life due to an out-of-control crime problem in the U.S.

Mr. Yar worked as an interpreter with the U.S. forces in Afghanistan for nearly a decade. His military comrades attest to his unwavering dedication. “He served this country a great deal more than I did. I did 42 months in combat, but that was nowhere near what he had,” says retired Lt. Col. Matthew Butler, a close colleague of Yar.

Escaping the Taliban in August 2021, Yar resettled in the United States. But his road to the American Dream was bumpy and fraught with challenges. After settling first in Philadelphia, a violent encounter left him searching for safer grounds for his wife and four children. They eventually moved to Alexandria, Virginia, a sanctuary they hoped would offer more security.

Yar worked tirelessly to provide for his family and support relatives still in Afghanistan, clocking in 12-hour shifts as a Lyft driver. On the night he lost his life, he decided to work a few extra hours despite his wife’s plea for him to come home.

Disturbingly, the police have released video footage showing a group of young men fleeing the crime scene, a chilling reminder of the violence that has infiltrated our cities. A reward of $25,000 has been offered for information leading to an arrest, but justice for Mr. Yar and his family is still far off.

Butler said, “You just don’t have words to describe how you feel about someone who had given so much to his country, not as a citizen, but then comes here and experiences some of the worst behavior our country has to offer.”

Indeed, it is an unfortunate commentary on the state of our urban communities, where a man who has bravely served to protect our liberties falls victim to unchecked criminal activity. Yar’s tragic death underscores the urgent need for cities like Washington to implement stricter safety measures and to combat the rising tide of violence that threatens the lives of innocent residents and businesspeople.