‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Set To Give Americans Higher Taxes And An IRS On Steroids

The “Inflation Reduction Act” was passed through Congress this week without a single Republican vote in the House or Senate. While the law is virtually certain to do nothing to reduce the price inflation hammering Americans, it is assured to raise taxes on middle- and working-class citizens and militarize the IRS.

Sen. Michael Crapo (R-ID) proposed an amendment to the bill when the Senate was debating it early in the week. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported that the amendment would have saved Americans at least $20 billion in increased taxes over the next decade.

Crapo’s amendment was designed to “protect low-and middle-income earning American taxpayers” from the unprecedented growth the act will inject into the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by way of almost $80 billion in new funding and 87,000 new IRS agents.

While the amendment would have protected taxpayers with less than $400,000 in taxable income from being audited using the newly allocated funds, all 50 Senate Democrats voted against it.

The CBO advised in a previous analysis of the bill that it will cause an increase in IRS audits “for all taxpayers.”

The Joint Committee on Taxation reported that between 78% and 90% of the revenue raised by the bill through heightened IRS collection and enforcement efforts will come from earners making less than $200,000 per year.

The Republican Ways and Means Committee report on the bill indicates that nearly half of new audits will affect taxpayers making less than $75,000 annually. Only between 4% and 9% of audits will hit earners making over $500,000 per year.

The IRS is already reported to be seeking special agents who will be required to go armed and must be willing to “use deadly force” against American taxpayers.

Watchdog group Americans for Tax Reform reported that even before any new funding is awarded under the Inflation Reduction Act, the IRS already has a stockpile of 4,600 firearms and 5 million rounds of ammunition.

The IRS police force currently aids in the agency’s mission of investigating tax fraud, tax evasion, drug trafficking, and the financing of terrorist activities.

In fiscal years 2015 through 2019, the IRS spent $855,000 on Glock handguns and $3.5 million on ammunition. It also purchased numerous H&K AR-15 rifles and Remington shotguns for tactical use.

The Americans for Tax Reform report also indicated that the IRS purchased equipment designated as “hitman suits.”

The federal government has more than 100 separate agencies that have an officially reported budget for arms and ammunition. Federal taxpayers have funded more than $2 trillion for arms and ammunition purchases over the last decade.