Independents No Longer Trust Either Party With Public Education

A revealing poll by a Democratic organization showed that attitudes are changing towards government-run schools in the country, and many do not trust either party to lead public education.

Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) found that almost half of independent voters lack trust in either Republicans or Democrats on education policy. There is a powerful divide between adherents of the two parties on who they have faith in on the issue.

Among Democrats, 88% of respondents trust their own party to administer public education, and 84% of Republicans trust themselves to do the same.

But for those unaffiliated with either party, there is a sharp contrast.

A full 49% of independents report they lack confidence in either party’s educational policies. This is likely to be a key factor in the 2024 presidential race as both sides attempt to whip up support through fundamental issues such as education.

Several political leaders are already lining up their positions on controversies such as woke ideologies being pushed on minors, the banning of pornographic materials in school libraries, and school choice.

To be certain, there are stark differences between the political parties on a wide array of education issues. Democrats prefer pouring more money into public schools and creating magnet schools, charter schools, and career academies.

This route is favored by 70% of Democrats, 64% of independents, and 50% of Republicans.

A system of school vouchers also generated 50% support among Republicans as compared to 36% of independents and 30% of Democrats. There are, however, interesting figures when broken down further.

For example, 43% of Hispanic parents reported they support the implementation of school vouchers over school choice. The numbers were 38% for White voters and 33% for Black voters.

It should be noted that the Democratic pollsters asked questions in a way that skewed the answers toward their party’s narrative. One asked if the respondent had concerns about supporting GOP members who “have inserted politics into our schools by banning books they don’t like.”

That is hardly neutral language. It also ignored the fact that leftists are responsible for the controversy over books by adding pornographic materials into children’s libraries.