Illinois Sheriffs Refuse To Enforce Gun Ban

In Illinois, sheriffs are fighting back against the state’s gun ban, resulting in threats made by their Democratic governor.

Democratic lawmakers in Illinois have banned the sale, manufacture, and possession of semiautomatic weapons. Blaze media reported, “The state joins eight others plus the District of Columbia that similarly have infringed upon citizens’ ability to procure such weapons.”

Moreover, the law would effectively ban long guns and handguns, carrying over 10 and 15 rounds. During his oath of office, Gov. Pritzker swore to “support the Constitution of the United States.”

However, signing a bill restricting citizens’ Second Amendment rights goes against Pritzker’s oath of office. The law was one of the first he signed into law upon becoming governor.

Illinois citizens are expected to register all of their weapons to the state by October 1. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D-IL) celebrated the signing of the law as “significant and important progress.”

Consequently, sheriffs across Illinois have begun to fight back against the gun ban. Sheriff Nicholas M. Petitgout conveyed that he will seek to protect the rights of those whom he serves. “Part of my duties that I accepted upon being sworn into office was to protect the rights provided to all of us”, he said.

He depicted that his office will not force residents of McDonough County to register their weapons to the state.

Blaze media reported that 13 sheriffs are refusing to enforce Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s gun ban. As a result, the governor threatened law enforcement officers by stating they may not keep their jobs. Pritzker said, “And they will in fact do their job, or they won’t be in their job.”

The governor publicly said that the dissenters want to “politically grandstand” and “claim a name” for themselves. He stated that all law enforcement agencies across the state will enforce the law.

In accordance, Gun Owners for America, a pro-Second Amendment organization, pointed out that semiautomatic firearms are often used to save lives and curtail crime. The organization added, “Banning them will only prevent law-abiding citizens from purchasing the best firearm to protect themselves.”