ICE Deportation Rate Was Almost 70% Down In 2021 Under Joe Biden

According to a document acquired by the Washington Free Beacon, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement deported just 55,590 illegal aliens in 2021, the lowest amount in five years. ICE deported 185,884 people in 2020. Therefore, the statistics for 2021 are down 70%. ICE deported 267,258 aliens in 2019.

The study was made public a month after the Free Beacon reported on the Biden Administration’s efforts to keep the report secret. A request for remark from ICE was not immediately returned.

In 2021, ICE did not produce its annual report, a break from agency policy since 2011. ICE has issued the report in the last weeks of each calendar year for the past nine years. The Biden Administration has yet to issue a report detailing the number of illegal immigrants deported in 2021.

On Capitol Hill, the lack of an annual report from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has sparked an uproar. It’s unclear if ICE has finished the report, which includes a detailed overview of the agency’s enforcement and removal activities as well as immigration-related security risks. A Representative for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department informed the news that the report’s publication date has yet to be established.

According to Attorney General Hawley, Biden’s Administration would not provide its yearly report on the number of illegal immigrants in the United States. The news quoted Hawley saying, “It’s safe to infer it doesn’t indicate any progress. It shows failure.” More unlawful border crossings were registered in the fiscal year 2021 than at any other period in US history.

According to a RealClearPolitics average of recent surveys, only 35% of people approve of President Joe Biden’s handling of immigration. According to a source familiar with the report’s creation, the delay might be due to White House turmoil.