House Republicans Are Making Big Moves Ahead of the Midterms

As this year’s midterm elections are about seven months away, Republicans have a lot going for them.

Multiple polls, for instance, have shown the American public largely favors Republicans controlling Congress after November, rather than Democrats holding onto the House and the Senate.

On top of this, polling also shows when it comes to public safety, education, foreign policy, and other critical issues, more Americans favor Republicans over Democrats.

This data makes a statement in and of itself. With November getting closer and closer, the GOP isn’t holding back in the slightest.

According to PJ Media, Republicans are strategizing to win various districts that went to Joe Biden during the 2020 presidential election.

A Clear Path to Victory for the GOP

At this time, a PAC controlled by House Republican leaders is seriously putting in the work to help GOP candidates take back the chamber in November.

Districts controlled by Democrats are far from impossible to flip. A huge factor in all of this has been the unpopularity of Biden. To this day, the president is doing very poorly in several states and districts that will control the outcomes of House and Senate races.

This very clearly opens the door for the GOP to come in and offer commonsense solutions to people who are suffering from a failed president and his damaging policies. Also, the GOP zoning in on communities controlled by Democrats is becoming part of a pattern.

Last year, Glenn Youngkin won the Virginia governor’s election, this being a state under the control of Democrats for over one decade. A huge factor in Youngkin’s triumph was his ability to get votes from folks who previously supported Biden in 2020.

Since the Virginia governor’s race, it’s been said that Republicans with upcoming elections should mirror Youngkin’s campaign strategy. This appears to be exactly what the House GOP-controlled PAC is doing today.

Little Recourse for Democrats

In the wake of House Republicans looking to win districts that went to Biden in 2020, Democrats responded in the most predictable way possible.

The left has since accused the GOP of being “obstructionists” who are somehow against access to insulin and economic success.

Democrats, despite all the strikes against them, also argued that once November arrives, Americans will “remember” the leaders who “stand with them.”

Unfortunately, despite having complete control of the federal government, Democrats have not stood with Americans. The left stands for its own interests over the needs of Americans every single time.