Hillary Charges Republicans Plan To Steal 2024 Election

Two years before a single ballot is cast, 2016 presidential loser Hillary Clinton is already in full-blown denial of the 2024 election result. The bitter Democrat recently posted a dire warning of yet another vast right-wing conspiracy.

This time it’s to steal the White House in 2024. In her own words, “right-wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election.”

The former first lady added that this diabolical plan, which apparently only she is aware of, is not a secret. Clinton, for the record, is hardly a novice when it comes to making outlandish claims.

Her video message was posted by leftist activist group Indivisible, which describes itself as an organization committed to “rebuild our democracy and defeat the Trump agenda.”

In her address, Clinton claimed that what she was about to say “is keeping me up at night.”

This conspiracy, she asserted, means the 2024 election will not hinge on the nation’s popular vote or the “anachronistic” Electoral College, but rather on state legislatures.

Clinton, in supporting Indivisible’s “Crush the Coup” fundraising effort, stated her belief that the drive to “steal” the next presidential election would come from Republican-controlled state governments.

Without a shred of evidence, Clinton stretched her credibility even further by adding that the “right-wing controlled Supreme Court” could be ready to give state legislatures the authority to overrule presidential elections.

The audacity of the former Democratic candidate for president’s claim is startling. Her party and its liberal media allies harp continuously about “election deniers,” which has come to mean virtually any Republican not serving on the Jan.6 House Select Committee.

To question an election as a member of the GOP is to be a traitor or insurrectionist. That is a given.

But for Democrats, including her own repeated laments that 2016 was “stolen” from her, it is merely defending democracy. Two years in advance of an election, the left is already floating wild conspiracy theories covering events and outcomes that have yet to occur.

Will the legacy media call Hillary Clinton out for repeated lies and election denial? Don’t hold your breath.