Here Is The Proof That Joe Biden Is “Not Really In Charge” Of His Administration

The American people are being kept in the dark about who is in charge of the Executive Branch at a time when there are numerous severe issues in foreign affairs, the economy, and public health. The same media establishment that collaborated with Democrats to conceal Joe Biden’s dementia to keep Donald Trump out of the White House is now attempting to conceal his prominent status as a puppet for unknown controllers.

Moreover, Joe Biden’s post-State of the Union speech Q&A with governors demonstrates that he is not in command of his presidency. He says the intention was to field questions, starting with Utah’s governor. The strangeness of a President of the United States pre-planning questionnaires for events, including press conferences, is a different and troubling matter.

However, as seen, someone else concluded that Biden would not go along with the plan. He looked incoherent, exhibiting the phenomena known as “sundowning,” or the loss of coherence as the day progressed.

Joe Biden’s grin has been one of his most valuable assets throughout his lengthy political career. But, as he ages, it appears to be his default stance when he gets into trouble and isn’t upset. Biden merely sits there, gazing back and forth and smirking foolishly, until someone else, a female voice off-camera, shuts off the inquiries.

If Joe Biden were a Republican president, the media would scream that something was wrong when he reveals he isn’t in command of his presidency. Joe Biden despises answering questions from reporters, and when he does, he screams at the clouds and shakes his fist. But, for the most part, he does not do it. And that’s what occurred today when he took questions. He began by identifying a Republican governor following his instructions, reading like a screenplay.