Hallie Biden Is The 3rd Biden To Get Payout From Hunter’s Foreign Business Ventures

In 2017, bank accounts connected to one of Hunter Biden’s business affiliates sent out a total of $1.3 million in payments to Hunter Biden, James Biden, Hallie Biden, and a fourth undisclosed member of the Biden family.

According to House Oversight Committee chair Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the payments were sent out by Rob Walker — who also goes by the name John R. Walker — just after he received a $3 million wire transfer from a Chinese energy company.

During his comments on Thursday, Comer noted that it was “unclear what services were provided to obtain this exorbitant amount of money.”

“The Oversight Committee is concerned about the national security implications resulting from President Biden’s family receiving millions of dollars from foreign nationals… We will continue to follow the money trail and facts to determine if President Biden is compromised by his family’s business schemes and if there is a national security threat,” he added.

Comer also released a memo on Thursday that highlighted how Hallie Biden — the widow of President Joe Biden’s late son, Beau, and former lover of Hunter Biden — was directly involved in the Biden family business.

According to subpoenaed bank statements, Robison Walker, LLC received a $3 million wire transfer in March 2017 from State Energy HK Limited — a firm associated with CEFC China Energy.

This wire transfer came less than two months after Joe Biden left office as vice president in the Obama administration.

A wire transfer of $1,065,000 was sent just one day later from Robinson Walker, LLC to the Abu Dhabi-based European Energy and Infrastructure Group (EEIG) — a company affiliated with another one of Hunter Biden’s business associates, James Gilliar.

The memo goes on to note that Biden family members and their companies then began “receiving incremental payments over a period of approximately three months… The recipients of the funds included Hallie Biden, companies connected with Hunter and James Biden, and an ‘unknown’ bank account identified as ‘Biden.’”

According to the subpoenaed records, the unknown “Biden” bank account — which many critics have claimed belongs to the president — received $70,000 from Robinson Walker, LLC between March 2017 and May 2017.

In February 2017, Hallie Biden received a $10,000 payment from Robinson Walker, LLC. She also received another $25,000 payment one month later, in March 2017. At the time of the payments, Hallie was openly dating her brother-in-law, Hunter Biden. The pair began their relationship in 2016, just one year after her husband Beau Biden passed away from brain cancer. Hunter and Hallie later broke up in 2019.

During this time, a bank account belonging to Hunter Biden received $500,000, and a bank account belonging to the president’s brother James Biden received roughly $360,000.

Speaking with reporters, Comer said he would guess that at least a half-dozen Biden family members have used their last name to acquire money from foreign business deals.