Greg Abbott Just Escalated His War On Illegal Immigration In A Huge Way

The Governor of Texas Greg Abbott was all talk about initiating a catch and jail operation against the illegal immigrants crossing the Texas-Mexico border at Del Rio but has now officially announced that the enforced agencies under his control will now begin to arrest those crossing the borders illegally and put them into state or local facilities.

Abbott has ordered the Texas Guard and DPS to work together in controlling the border situation. Having taken the matters into his hand, Abbott has risked a lawsuit against him from the Biden Administration. But can we blame him? If Biden has neglected Texas, then someone had to step in, and Greg Abbott vowed not to let his people suffer and has ordered immediate enactment of his orders under section 418.041 of the Texas Government Code.

Of 50,000 illegal migrants released by the Biden Administration without a court date, 90% have not bothered to check in. With such a significant number of unlawful migrants released into the cities and more coming in through the borders, more workforce is needed by Governor Abbott to engage along the borders. Therefore, he has used his power and authority as the state representative and has called in the Texas Guard to assist DPS. With such a bold step, a point to ponder remains: how long will they keep arresting and putting these illegal migrants into facilities and jails before they run out of space, and then what? Will they be given up to the state’s custody to be rereleased. Taking such a bold step has Abbott putting a lot on the stake, risking opposition from Biden’s DOJ and legal action claiming Texas does not have any authority to take such legal action. Nevertheless, Abbott is not afraid to fulfill his responsibility to the state, even if it means calling out the President himself and publicly criticizing his policies, setting examples of true statesmanship.