Governor Vetoes Bill Banning Men from Female Sports

Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a bill on Friday that had been passed by the state legislature to require that sports teams of public education institutions not allow biological males to compete in women’s athletics.

The bill was designed to require schools to designate sports for the male sex, the female sex, or both sexes. The requirement would have also applied to private institutions that have teams that compete against public schools.

Wolf issued a press release stating that “hate has no place in Pennsylvania.” He emphasized his position that the bill would have amounted to “discrimination against already marginalized youth.” He said the fact that the bill was approved by Republican lawmakers “solely to bully and oppress vulnerable children is atrocious.”

Wolf said that Republicans who voted for the bill “should be ashamed of themselves.”

State Rep. Valerie Gaydos (R) sponsored the bill and issued a statement joined by four fellow House Republican women stating Wolf’s veto is proof that he does not support women. Gaydos said Wolf opposes the right of women to “compete on a level playing field” with the protections afforded by Title IX.

The governor’s embrace of radical leftist genderism and the obvious discrimination it imposes against biological females who are forced into unfair competition against males stands in opposition to the movement in many parts of the country to protect girls and women.

As the state was winding down its legislative session last week, the governor also issued a statement publicly thanking Joe Biden for signing an executive order on Friday that seeks to add federal protections to abortion access.

Wolf sent a tweet thanking Biden for “prioritizing the health and safety of women and birthing people.”

Wolf is not eligible to run for reelection this year because of Pennsylvania’s term-limits provisions. The November general gubernatorial election will see Democrat Josh Shapiro face Republican Doug Mastriano.

Shapiro has served as Pennsylvania Attorney General since 2017.

Mastriano is a retired colonel of the United States Army and has been a state senator in the Pennsylvania legislature since 2019.

An AARP poll conducted last month shows Shapiro held a narrow lead of 49%-46% over Mastriano among likely voters, with a margin of error of 4.4%. Among independent voters, Mastriano held a 52%-34% lead.