Government Coronavirus Policy Is A Religion

It’s hard to believe anybody even still has to write about this hyped-up virus. Sort of surreal to see how slow society is to shift gears or change direction, how much inertia there is to go through to reach everyone in the world for the clear revelations there have now been for months and months of media exciting and government lying, misconduct, and abuse of power to align a majority of mature, responsible leaders to roll back the aggressive socialist medicine regime that used and all media panic regimes.

But we’re still fighting this thing after nearly two years of it now because it has some of the aspects of durable religions and cults that give that social inertia an incredible amount of mass. Religious convictions take a long time to wash out. The zeal with which millions of the world’s people coordinated the way of thinking about coronavirus and its response rose to the level of a worldwide insta-cult. Part of being in the cult is insisting that what you’re doing is science.

Here are three characteristics of religions or cults that coronavirus conspirators exhibited in their hostile takeover of society in 2020 that has continued apace in many places throughout the world:

  1. Unfalsifiability – The pretense of regarding coronavirus as an existential threat to society and entirely out of the norm emergency was kept up similarly to the way a conspiracy theorist always has another, wilder explanation for why some facts or reasons call their theory into question by constantly changing explanations and narratives as new information made the coronavirus regimes look ridiculous over and over again. It is not an empirical approach.
  2. U.S. politicians are calling distributing coronavirus vaccines their God-given mission (for real). Seems like a glaring First Amendment violation to me.
  3. Ritual symbolism (the “face masks” that health authorities have repeatedly contradicted themselves about, and that are selectively enforced by the new socialist medicine regime against people these elitists deem as lower status), ceremonial rites (like the big sobbing funeral Biden and the Dems threw for the however many deaths marked “Covid” by a doctor next to went through two lighters a day smoking cigarettes for years for all those federal emergency stimulus Powell and Mnuchin bucks), benedictions (“stay safe” “wear a mask”), doxologies (“may the force be with you”), a creation myth (coronavirus was not created in a lab in Wuhan with U.S. federal funding for gain-of-function research), an original sin myth (using the word quarantine to refer to everybody being put under house arrest and curfews like a country at war or in the middle of a fascist takeover, instead of just encouraging anyone sick or vulnerable to quarantine), and a redemption myth (with constantly moving goalposts to keep controlling you).

The government should stop participating in anything religious. We can make our religions, and we don’t need their help. They can make their religions for themselves on their own time when they’re not at work. When they’re at work, they can work on making sure they’re upholding the law, starting with the federal government’s charter document, the U.S. constitution. The government doesn’t need to do more for the public to keep the law. It needs to do less, much less than it has been doing. Washington ought to consciously, intelligently, decisively, and with great haste, pursue an official policy of devolution and relinquishment to the states, municipalities, and most of all to the people. That is the way things ought to be if you ask me.