Gov. Ron DeSantis Lays Uncovered The Radical Media’s Playbook For Lying About Trump

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) recently broke down in plain language exactly what the corporate press has been up to since 2016, and it was a breath of fresh air to hear someone talking like an average person for once. 

Trump’s most shrill critics on the Left bemoaned his campaign and administration as some kind of post-truth end to all objectivity, but they are the ones who’ve broken their words and their trust more than anyone on the right to impose their resentment on all of us for four years.

The truth doesn’t matter to these political types at all. They’re all about power, power, power! And there is no way they’re going to let any little thing like the truth get between them and force a needle in your arm, or take half your income as a reward for being excellent at business, or maybe even ruin your entire business forever with last year’s big scary show.

After all the bizarre fakery from Trump-haters these last few years, I feel like I can lower my pain pill dose after hearing a politician talk like this.

Here’s what DeSantis said, the essential playbook of the Left in three steps:

  1. They knowingly and wittingly, and intentionally lie to the American people.

“If you’re looking at this Russia collusion stuff, they’re finally indicting these people. You know they did that for two years round the clock, and it was all a lie. And they knew it was a lie.”

  1. They abuse their profession’s tools to cover up their lies to avoid liability for their actions.

“They knew there was no evidence there. They always use these anonymous sources, which they make up. They don’t have sources most of the time. They’re printing gossip, and they’re using ‘anonymous sources’ to do it, and that’s what they did.”

  1. They protect those who spread their lies and intimidate and harass people who tell the truth.

“So you see things, and they become agitated because they believe they should control the narrative. They believe they should be able to promote anybody they want.”

“And if you’re not in that club, they can smear you and the public. You know they won’t like you. But what’s happening is, people believe what they see with their own eyes. They believe the truth. And they’re not going to be gaslit anymore.”

The solution to this is to stop even thinking for a minute that the audiences of these news outlets trust them. They know their favorite news outlet lies all day to them. They love it. They participate in these lies with glee, and they aren’t the corporate press’ victims. They’re its fellow conspirators in causing as much destruction and mayhem as they can get away with.