GOP Senator Hits ‘Dysfunctional’ Democrats For Reckless Spending

Even as the Biden administration’s costly domestic agenda has been blamed for exacerbating the rising inflation rate, some Republican lawmakers are expressing increased concern about how runaway spending will negatively impact future generations.


During a recent interview, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) accused legislators of becoming “dysfunctional” and refusing to take the consequences of their actions into account.

“The reason I ran is because we’re mortgaging our children’s future,” he said on Monday. “We need to get serious about passing budgets that do not have such, you know, out-of-control deficit spending.”

Instead of throwing good money after bad in an effort to address all the nation’s problems, Johnson said lawmakers should focus more narrowly on specific issues. His comments came in the context of an upcoming vote on a defense appropriation bill.

“If Democrats want to block voting for funding our troops, let that be on their shoulders, and then, after two weeks we bring up the next appropriation bill.”

Earlier this month, House Democrats voted unanimously to advance a collection of six spending bills totaling nearly $91 billion and addressing a host of special interest and partisan projects.

For his part, Johnson said that packing so many individual bills into a larger vote leads to even more irresponsibility on the part of elected officials tasked with appropriating taxpayer money.

“We end up having some deal, some massive, you know, 2,000- to 3,000-page bill,” noting that legislators only have “a couple hours before we are asked to vote on it, and it’s completely dysfunctional.”

He is not the only high-profile Republican to criticize the Democratic Party’s excessive spending.


Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) recently expressed her opposition to a reconciliation bill that amounted to $3.5 trillion in new spending and increased taxes.

In a statement, she described the package as a Democratic effort to “force Far-Left priorities on the American people,” arguing that the “Socialist wish list of spending proposals … would expand the government’s role in the lives of students, workers, and job creators, while funneling taxpayer dollars to colleges that partner with Communist China and giving free college to illegal immigrants.”

Echoing the concerns voiced by Johnson and other Republicans on Capitol Hill, Stefanik wrote that “this reckless spending spree will only increase inflation – imposing a tax on every American – and bankrupt our future generations.”