GOP Gov. Kristi Noem Announces ‘Largest Tax Cut In South Dakota History’

Kristi Noem (R.-SD), one of the governors seeking reelection in the midterms, announced that she will repeal the sale’s tax on all grocery purchases in the state, a move that would be, in Noem’s words, “the largest tax cut in South Dakota history.”

Two things stood out about Noem’s announcement from a political perspective.

The first is that it comes just two days prior to a scheduled debate with her democratic rival Jamie Smith who as a state lawmaker pushed the tax cut.

The second is that it is a reversal from her refusal to publicly endorse the measure in March when Smith garnered bipartisan support for the bill.

The economic climate in America, however, is different now than it was even six months ago when Noem did not publicly endorse the measure. Inflation has not lessened at all and even with wages rising, 71% of Americans say that inflation is outpacing their pay.

The new economic climate is at least a part of why Noem has thrown her support behind the proposed tax cut. Noem said, “South Dakotans work hard. They get up every day and provide for their families, but the Biden administration’s policies are destroying their ability to feed their children. Senior citizens, working parents, and single moms are all struggling with rising food and gas prices. South Dakota will continue to do the right thing and protect our people from a disastrous White House.”

She continued saying that the average South Dakotan family will have hundreds of additional dollars in their bank accounts because of the cut and Fox News reports that it will reduce taxes in the state by $100 million.

“I have seen families across South Dakota struggling to make ends meet with rising inflation because of President Biden’s policies. His failed liberal agenda has caused the cost of food to skyrocket, and family budgets are being stretched thin,” Noem said while announcing the tax cut.

Smith said that the campaign promise was “just another example of Gov. Noem trying to manipulate the voters of South Dakota by proposing a policy she clearly didn’t believe in and is doing it for her political gains at this moment.”

Noem’s campaign knew that this accusation was coming and a spokesperson replied, “She’s always in favor of cutting taxes if the numbers work.”