GoFundMe Is In ‘Trouble’ After Accusations Of ‘Stealing’ Freedom Convoy Donations

The GoFundMe page set up to help the Freedom Convoy in Canada, a group of truckers, farmers, and others fighting severe COVID-19 mitigation measures, has been shut down. GoFundMe will no longer accept donations from anyone worried about the proposed Keystone XL project, according to a story published Friday evening.

They claim they did so in response to threats of violence and harassment, but they have presented no proof to support this claim. So far, the only violence appears to have been caused by someone running over some of the characters in the narrative, which is still unfolding.

Moreover, GoFundMe has backed down following a lobbying campaign that included threats from contributors to utilize credit-card charge-backs. They have issued a statement stating that they automatically processed reimbursements and unclaimed monies donated to a recognized charity.

The crowdsourcing service GoFundMe has been accused of taking money from people for political motives. When GoFundMe stated that it would only issue manual reimbursements for unclaimed donations, thousands of individuals were kept in the dark. It meant that tens of thousands of people’s money might wind up supporting causes they disagreed with.

Even violent ones like the BLM riots of 2020 and the CHOP/CHAZ in Seattle People who give to left-wing charities will no longer receive automatic refunds from GoFundMe. The firm also attempted to discredit Gov. Ron DeSantis by enticing people to donate to an event organized by con artist Rebekah Jones. If this move were intended to simplify things, automatic refunds would have been included from the start. This decision should not win GoFundMe any pardon or goodwill.

Furthermore, Left-wing political hacks own and govern GoFundMe. They have consistently shut down fundraisers associated with the “right” while permitting all sorts of lunacy on the left. Even when cities burnt in 2020 during BLM-organized rallies, GoFundMe never shut down their fundraising, despite Black Lives Matter being a fake group.

Therefore, GoFundMe has demonstrated that it operates in bad faith and has attempted to misappropriate given monies for political purposes. There are alternative, more effective ways to generate donations for worthy causes. If GoFundMe wants to be a left-wing enforcer, it may do so by only accepting donations from leftists.