Glenn Beck Reveals What is Actually Wrong in America

On his radio program Wednesday, BlazeTV host Glenn Beck addressed the true problems in the U.S. that led to the tragic mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

Discussing the real problems our country is currently facing, Beck said that it is time to stop politicizing tragedies — on both sides of the aisle — and noted that we should instead be focusing on healing a nation that is tearing itself apart.

“It pains me to think about the political garbage that has happened in the last 12 hours,” he began. “I believe that we are on the verge of losing our nation, and the reason why we’re about to lose our nation is the same reason some kid walked into an elementary school and shot and killed people. It’s not the guns… it’s our society.”

Guns have been widely available and a major part of American culture since the founding of the country, yet mass shootings have only become a phenomenon in the past few decades. Clearly, Beck is correct, the problem is not guns. Something else has changed recently that has led to this epidemic, and it has to do with our society at large, what is promoted in our culture, and the current mental health crisis.

Beck stated that the tragic epidemics plaguing our nation — mass shootings, suicide, fentanyl overdoses, gang violence, depression and loneliness — are actually just symptoms of a greater sickness.

“Where’s the value of human life? The hatred that is being poured down our throats, the class division, the racism — make no mistake, it is intentional,” he said. “The best way to destroy a nation is to cut it apart. … In our society, where are the ethics? What are ethics? It’s your truth versus my truth. There is no absolute truth. And in a world where there is no truth, who gets to be God? Well, it depends on which group you’re in I guess.”

Beck then went on to say that the underlying problem in the United States is “a rotting in our soul” and until we “live in a nation that is willing to even recognize that there is something bigger than the self, and it has nothing to do with government, we’ll never fix this problem.”

“Let’s not make this about Democrats and Republicans. Let’s just make this about what the hell is going on because everything in our society is falling apart,” he added. “And until you’re willing to have that conversation, the rest of it is bullcrap.”