Germany Sees Cold Future As Russia Cuts Energy Exports

German Federal Network Agency President Klaus Mueller asked citizens to perform preventive maintenance on their private homes and consider only partially heating their homes this coming winter.

The request comes as Russia has decreased the gas production of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline by 60%. The reduction in gas is being blamed on a lack of parts due to economic sanctions, but authorities are saying that this is just a pretext.

Economy Minister Robert Habeck has already stated that the country is in the middle of an energy crisis right now.

Although Russian President Vladimir Putin has not explicitly said that he will turn off all natural gas to Germany this winter, he has previously threatened to do so if the country did not accede to paying in Rubles.

Poland and Bulgaria have already had all energy imports from Russia stopped because of the actions they have taken in supporting Ukraine during the war. It is not a bridge too far to expect other NATO allies to receive similar treatment.

In response, Germans are panic buying firewood. Woodfire stoves have sold out in the country, with wait lists of a year for delivery. The country’s energy grid is already having trouble meeting summer demand due to the shift to renewables; any further action by Russia could be catastrophic.

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel spent the last decade of her time in office shifting Germany away from traditional fossil fuels into the so-called Green Revolution. She became known as the “Climate Chancellor.”

Although the transition has been hailed as a success from a public relations standpoint, it has been a failure from the perspective of a reliable energy grid. Germany has been forced to restart coal plants it had previously gotten rid of.

Altering behavioral patterns around energy usage, as well as adopting more efficient appliances and home heating equipment will only go so far. This is true for all of Europe, not just the countries actively engaged in economic conflict with Putin.

If the Western powers do not embrace fossil fuels quickly, their citizens are in store for a dark winter.