Georgia’s Sen. Warnock Just Dug His Own Grave

In the state of Georgia, Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) is up for re-election. The Democrat currently has a lot of strikes against him, though.

For starters, Warnock is tied to a party with one of the least popular presidents of all time. In Georgia, alone, Joe Biden’s approval ratings are greatly underwater. This doesn’t bode well for Warnock, seeing as he upholds the president’s agenda and votes for his policies in the Senate.

Then, even if you take Biden out of the equation, Warnock’s personal issues are a factor, too. Right now, he’s in the middle of a legal battle with his ex-wife who’s accusing him of child neglect and failing to pay child support.

At this time, former football star Herschel Walker is running in the GOP primary to face off against Warnock in the general Senate election. Multiple polls show Walker leading Warnock.

With all the strikes against the Georgia Democrat, his latest comments on abortion may have sealed his fate, according to Red State.

Warnock on Abortion

Days ago, a Supreme Court draft leaked. The draft shows that the high court appears ready to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Since this announcement, social media, the news cycle, and other outlets have been speaking at length about this development, the reality that it was leaked, and what the implications of a possible overturn might look like.

On Monday, Warnock took to his Twitter account to describe himself as a “pro-choice pastor.” The Georgia Democratic senator also went on to claim that he believes the matter of abortion should rest with a woman and her physician, rather than the US government.

Warnock’s been criticized before for describing himself as a “pro-choice pastor.” Many religious Americans view this as an oxymoron and as inherently against Christianity itself.

A Boost For Walker’s Campaign?

In light of Warnock’s remarks on abortion days ago, some conservatives argue that this could ultimately play a role in Herschel Walker winning the Senate race later this year.

If that does happen, Republicans will secure the one seat necessary to tip the Senate back into the GOP column.

Walker has a lot going for him. He’s leading in the GOP Senate primary; on top of this, he’s got the endorsement of former President Trump going for him as well. Time will tell whether or not all the issues Warnock’s facing ultimately lead to him losing his election against Walker.

For the sake of America’s future, taking back the Senate (and the House) is a must for Republicans in November.